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A community of like prepared and like minded that seek to be ready for the worst case scenario. We seek to build a network of Americans that can support each other through difficult times.
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Good afternoon, AmCon community! We'd like to publicly share a quick, reliable source of information and intel on protests, riots, etc: the American Contingency Instagram page at @americancontingency. We post rapid updates on current events onto our story, as well as posts on survival, staying alert, and news updates. While we continue to post reports on the region pages and, our IG is a great go-to for quick intel.

Also, while we have your attention, we are reviewing Skill Set videos submissions! Make sure to check out the post about needed skills. If you'd like to send yours in, please feel free to do so at

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
American Contingency Community Standards

Mike talks about the standards for American Contingency and what this organization is about. There is no room for the advocation of violence in this community.

June 07, 2021
It's Time for a Monday Update! (This is a good one)

Okay, So I know I say in the intro something about 10 minutes or less...there's just so much goodness in this one that we're bumping up on 15 minutes...

May 24, 2021
Personal Threat Assessment, Exciting News, and a Testimonial

It's time for a Monday Update!

Hey AmCon, hope you had an amazing weekend, I did...and I got a black eye for my efforts (watch the video to find out how!).

As promised, here are the documents I mentioned in the video...

Personal Threat Assessment Example

Personal Threat Assessment Template

Personal Threat Assessment (Text File)

Have a great week. Take Care, Stay Safe, and I'll talk to you Wednesday!

Intel Recap EP05 22 FEB 2021

Heather goes over the significant events from the past week in the news.

Intel Recap EP05 22 FEB 2021
Polar Vortex After Action Review (AAR) Feb 16 2021

Heather discusses in detail her emergency plan for how she and her family handled her most recent emergency - 5 adults, 2 kids and 4 days with no water and 2 days with no power. Heather discusses some of her mistakes and the issues she had to mitigate as she and her family went through a snowstorm and ice storm, which included no safe access to the nearest town for 2 days. Kindly excuse the small children that interrupted one small portion of the podcast.

Polar Vortex After Action Review (AAR) Feb 16 2021
Intel Recap EP04 Feb 15 2021

Heather and Joe discuss the impeachment of former President Trump for the first half of the podcast. For the the second half, Heather discusses some thoughts regarding the Polar Vortex. Heather and Joe both live in the Pacific Northwest and experienced 3 days without water and power and had to troubleshoot multiple issues including a frozen water pump, dead generator, and an ice storm that took trees down all over the roads. Heather discusses her thoughts on what she would do differently. Please note - towards the end of the podcast, the water came back on briefly and you can hear it coming back on (Joe gets up to check since Heather is talking) and it causes somewhat of a distraction. We hope you enjoy!

Intel Recap EP04 Feb 15 2021
June 13, 2021
Q&A About Moving

Hey AmCon, how’s it going?

I’ve gotten some questions about how the move to our new members site will work. I’m going to answer some questions here and will update it as questions come in…kind of a living FAQ.

How do I create an account on the new site?
We will create accounts on the new site for everyone with an account on Locals. When that account gets created, you will receive an email with instructions for claiming your new account and setting your password.

What Happens To Billing
Locals utilizes Stripe to process payments. The new members site will use a different payment processor that we have had great success with. When you activate your account on the new website, you will be prompted to create a new subscription with the new payment processor and will need to cancel your support through Locals.

When will I get my invitation email?
We will be sending out invitation emails in batches to throttle the number of users hitting the new site at once. Some Members have already ...

June 15, 2021
Calling All Leaders?

Hey AmCon, how's it going? Thom here, AC2 with a quick message for anyone who "leads" an AmCon group. (I put leads in quotes because YOU might not think of yourself as a leader...but if other people do, then you're a leader!)

If you lead ANY AmCon group, I'd like to invite you to register that group with AmCon. Registration is the key that will get you on upcoming leadership calls and will unlock the vetting process that will get your group into the Affiliate status!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them to the contact email address, otherwise, here is the form:

Thanks in advance!

Thom / AC2

PS: If you register your organization quickly then I will do my best to get you in to the new site early! Just sayin'...

June 13, 2021
Do You Have Something to Contribute?

Hey AmCon, how’s it going?

One of the things we learned from all the member posts is that many of you have A LOT of great information to contribute. We miss those quality contributions and we want them back! Here’s how we’re going to do it…

As we make the transition from locals to our own members site, we will have three venues for Members to post. Forums will give Members a chance to discuss important topics and groups will give Members a way to gather together around geo’s or areas of interest. More about them in future posts because today I want to tell you about the third option…The Feed!

The Feed is the front page of our members site. Think of it as the locals feed or similar to the Facebook feed when you open the app. Since we will have forums and groups, we want to keep The Feed clean and focused on news and content important to everyone in the network. Kind of like an online magazine for our members.

To make this happen, we will browse the forums and groups for great content AND we will take ...

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