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A community of like prepared and like minded that seek to be ready for the worst case scenario. We seek to build a network of Americans that can support each other through difficult times.
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Every Day Carry (EDC) for Kids

Recommendations from an AMCON community member on items to pack for a kids EDC. Please note - this is a recommendation. You can adjust or change your child's EDC based on child's individual needs, age, area of the country, time of year, and so on. Please use this as a framework for what you might teach your children. Please remember that EDC is most effective when the child knows what items they have in their bag and how to use them/ask for help using them (age appropriate). Ensure that if you do put together an EDC for your child, make sure to check it regularly and inspect, replace, or refill items as needed.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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