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A community of like prepared and like minded that seek to be ready for the worst case scenario. We seek to build a network of Americans that can support each other through difficult times.
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American Contingency Q&A with Mike Glover

American Contingency receives a lot of questions from community members. We hosted a zoom Q&A with leadership from around the country with hundreds of questions. We couldn't get to all of them during the event so Mike and the team are going through the questions to provide guidance and clarity to the rest of the community. Leave additional questions on this post and we'll add them into the queue.

Feel free to check out the last webinar for more Q&A in the "content" tab.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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American Contingency Community Standards

Mike talks about the standards for American Contingency and what this organization is about. There is no room for the advocation of violence in this community.

I get quite a bit of emails asking similar questions, so this should help answer "Frequently Asked Vetting Questions":

1. Why are you doing background checks?

Vetting is done for the safety of the American Contingency community. We want to ensure that we hold safe training events with people who are allowed to and can be responsible with weapons. We want to ensure that we do not put members at unnecessary risk during overnight trainings. And we want to ensure that if members need assistance or want to participate in volunteer activities, they can trust the individuals who are coming to assist them.

2. What do I have to do in order to get a background check?

American Contingency supporting members who wish to become vetted must go through a Background Check with the approved company (Employee Screening Resources) and mechanism provided by American Contingency. Members must go through the process as provided by American Contingency to ensure that background checks are ...


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